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Video Times

Soaring CCTV cameras ‘are costly, futile and politically motivated’

CCTV fails to cut crime and the technology needs to be curbed in Scotland, where the number of cameras has almost doubled in the past six years, a leading academic has said.
Mike Press, who has spent the past decade studying how design can contribute to crime reduction, told The Times that the expensive policy is politically motivated and ineffectual. He also warned that it can have the opposite effect of that intended, by giving citizens a false sense of security and encouraging them to be careless with property and personal safety.
“We should, as a society, question why we have got it,” said the professor of design policy at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in Dundee. “Our civil liberties have been crushed and trampled upon and compressed and this is part of that. We have yet to see it have any positive impact. I think we should have a moratorium on it.”

And not just in Scotland.


Its not enough just to have CCTV anywhere and not be able to identify criminals right away. One could just put on a hat or a mask and that greatly reduces the chance of having a positive identification of an individual. Still, nothing beats putting the presence of law enforcement everywhere so that these crimes can be averted.

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