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The Cost of Green Motoring

UK Government: Per Mile Tax Would Solve Global Warming

A UK government group today released a proposal that would impose a per-mile tax on motorists to rescue the planet from an imagined catastrophe.
"Evidence in this report suggests that road pricing would result in a significant emissions reduction (e.g. around 6 MtCO2 in 2020) if there were no offsetting reductions in other aspects of transport pricing (i.e. fuel duty, vehicle excise duty)," the report explained. "The committee recommends therefore that the government should seriously consider road pricing."
.. In addition, the group proposed reducing the national 70 MPH highway speed limit to 60 MPH and using GPS-enabled devices to cut off power to engines attempting to exceed existing limits.

"Given that the 70 mph speed limit is an existing policy, the committee believes that the government should seriously consider enforcing this, either through the current enforcement mechanism, or through rolling out Intelligent Speed Adaptation technology to both new and existing cars," the report explained.

Another 4.6 million drivers would be forced to go through "eco training." Taxpayers would also heavily subsidize the purchase of electric vehicles and the new infrastructure that would be required to recharge them. The report explained that batteries for an electric vehicle with an 80-mile range cost $13,000, while those of a vehicle with a 200-mile range cost $42,000. As most consumers would refuse to spend such a premium, the report recommended £9.8 billion (US $15 billion) in subsidies to promote the technology.

"Implementation of the required measures to achieve budgets would in some instances save people and businesses money and in total cost less than one percent of GDP," the report explained.

In other words, the whole suite of CCC proposals would cost the British economy a total of $26,800,000,000. Chapter six of the report is excerpted in a 4mb PDF file here.


My God, the Brits have lost their collective minds just like we have. The world has gone mad. Is the world run by clueless idiots? "Stop the World, I want to get off."

Forced? that could prove interesting.

What they need to be looking at is some sort of tax on motorists that means that you pay more when you drive more; and pay more when you drive an inefficient car.

So if you have a car that never moves you don't pay very much. And if you have a car with an 8 litre engine that you drive 20,000 miles a year in then you pay more.

You could even try and work out some way that people can pay less tax by driving more in a more environmentally friendly manner and at times when the roads aren't as congested.

If only Britain had such a tax that could be ramped up to a level whereby everyone hurts - all these additional tax ideas would surely then go away?

Don't they tax enough already for idiotic and unsustainable Government BS-programs that produce nothing and waste money while only enriching the Government scum-zombies, the fattened leeches, the parasitic drones. But I repeat myself.

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