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Fox Hunting

Fantastic Mister Fox is the most poisonous and insidious piece of misanthropic, animal rights propaganda PETA never wrote. Its politics more closely resemble that of a rabidly townie, leftist vegetarian who believes that property is theft, meat production a vile perversion and pest control a form of racist genocide, than of some lovably eccentric children’s author.
And, as per ruddy usual, all the baddies have been given English accents while the goodies speak with American ones. I wonder whether I can coax the kids into not wanting see this one and coming with me to see that apparently brilliant new war movie about bomb disposal teams in Iraq instead…
Then again, incredibly annoying though I now find Roald Dahl’s deeply dubious animal rights politics – which surface again in The Twits, by the way – I can’t honestly claim they’ll do the world’s impressionable youth any harm....Never put me off foxhunting, though, did it?
James Delingpole

I believe my half term treat will be to be allowed to take the Englishettes to watch the film, deep joy!


It's a great film and the anti-foxhunting message is merely a bonus!

Right, politics just sucks for many.

What a great opportunity to teach your kids about lies and the deliberate manipulation of emotions and the truth! Also see here:


Go see the movie on your own at first so you know what awaits, that way you will be able to watch your kids watching the film and get a clear idea what scenes moved them the most. You'll also have had time to prepare for any questions/statements they'll have and things will go much smoother and it'll be easy to use the fresh impressions to teach, before they solidify unchallenged in unwelcome ways.

Danny Champion of the World was a book devoted to pheasant poaching, which hardly suggests Dahl was a raving animal rights activist.

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