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Tally Ho!

Climate change protesters bitten by police dogs - Telegraph
Chief inspector Linda McCarthy of Nottinghamshire police said on Sunday: ''There have been reports of some protesters receiving dog bites and other injuries as a result of a concerted effort to pull down fences and enter the site.
One protester, Laura McFarlane-Shopes, 23, wore a bandage on her arm to cover a bite she had received from one of the dogs.
She said: "We were near the fence and some people were trying to get over. I was just in front of them.
"Horses and dogs started charging down. Police shouted that they were coming.
"They let the dogs on to me and one leaped up and bit my arm."

And in other news:

The Press Association: Tories pledge to repeal hunting ban

Ecoprotestors sound even better sport than foxes....


Green slime being torn apart by a pack of hounds?

I'd even get on a horse to see that!

Are the Police Dogs okay? Have they been treated for any ill effects?

How inconsiderate of their handlers to put them at risk of food poisoning.

I think we must take actions to climate change because if we tolerate this situation, we might be the one will affected on the effect of Climate Change.

And to the Climate Change Protester, next time she will take a precautions not to bitten again with that Police dog.
Police should watch their doggy sometimes.

Some sites are really focus on Climate Change.

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