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Maldives - Latin for Ill Gotten Gains? Again

If you were as annoyed as I was by BBC and other reports on the Maldive Government underwater cabinet meeting publicity stunt (to highlight the threat from rising sea levels) you might like to read this: Sea Level Scam - Buy the Truth or this from Watts Up

My own contribution to this naked attempt to mulct our money by greenmail is to continue to propagate the equally scientific etymology that Maldives means "ill gotten gains" - mala, feminine of malo, bad (from Latin malus): dives, rich, opulent, wealthy


This is just the latest scam to screw money out of the rich West, so let's call their bluff.

My suggestion would be that we say to them "WHEN your country actually disappears beneath the waves, then and ONLY then will we pay you any compensation. It will be lots and lots, but until then, STFU."

I wonder what excuse they would use to prove that they want the money based on computer models, rather than facts? Because the facts are that the sea-level in that part of the world hasn't changed much for quite a long time, excepting volcanic activity.

But then, I expect volcanoes are our fault, too.

What are they going to do with the money?
Move out? Send a boat...
Build? Send dirt...
Party? Send beer...

I think we know where all those Katrina victims ended up, still lookin' for a handout it seems.

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