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Cause and Effect in the Classroom

British children worst for not switching off the lights and leaving television on standby - Telegraph

British children are the worst in Europe for switching out lights and saving electricity, despite knowing the most about climate change, according to a new study
Joan Ruddock, the Energy and Climate Change minister, also called on families to take action.
“With climate change on the national curriculum, British children will get a better understanding as to why it’s important to switch off lights and computers when they’re not in use. Considering around 40 per cent of carbon pollution is a result of personal choices, there is huge potential for everyone to start bucking the trend," she said.

I'm always happy to hear teachers preach on with their stupid trendy ideas because kids react against them. The hippy kids had despised the tweedy old buffers banging on about how they had fought the war for them; the yuppies against the tie-die drips in the staff room in the seventies; the crusties against the "enterprise curriculum" the Tories introduced and now the greens rule the roost the next generation will despise their vacuous ideas.
But Joan Ruddock, could you resist her appeal? Gordon can't!



perhaps it's _because_ they have had so much about "Climate Change" forced down their throats (in geography, physics, chemistry, biology, history, citizenship, religious education, and PSHE) that they are the most sceptical, and are most likely to regard it all as so much crap.

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