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Was it worth it?

“Was it worth it? Those horrific wars with Germany, the empty chairs at a million tables, the near-bankrupting of the once-great imperial Britannia? Would Winston Churchill, whose life overshadows so much of the story, now look back on it all and shudder? That's perhaps the biggest underlying question behind the story of the British between the death of Queen Victoria and the end of the Second World War.”
Andrew Marr writing in Radio Times, speculates that the wartime prime minister who led Britain to victory in World War Two, would have been less than impressed with today's "vulgarity".
“He would have been bemused by today's vulgarity, hated our music, raged against Brussels (he was above all a parliamentarian) and stomped angrily at American rewriting of wartime history. I don't think he would have been very keen on the surveillance society, either.


Heck, I wasn't around then, and can tell you I am less than impressed with today's "vulgarity." I do believe the person asking this question "Was it worth it", slept through history class. I suggest this person start reading more and writing less.

The veneer of civility has fallen away.

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