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We are all troughers now

Responsibility has drained away from the British welfare state, leaving a poisonous blend of entitlement and apathy. Middle and high earners, who could and should be independent of public welfare, instead use their political weight to extract “their fair share” from government, through universal benefits and near-free higher education.

Reform is arguing that us middle class troughers should be denied our benefits, or expect to pay up for them. Fair enough, but the middle classes feel that they have already paid enough and it is only fair they get something back, by fair means or foul.



If the State hadn't taken away half our money for years and years on end, while promising us the moon, we might be happier that we're not going to get anything, never mind the moon.

But they DID take the money.

We kept our side of the deal, so now it's time they kept theirs.

What's that? They've spent the money on themselves? Fine, I'll try that on the bank when they want my mortgage payments, shall I? "Oh, sorry, I know I said I'd pay you £500 a month for twenty years, but hey, times are hard, so I can't."

Yeah, they'll be impressed won't they? Well neither are we.

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