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Vote Against Nanny

Mark Wadsworth: Beating fakecharities at their own game...

Visit Alcohol Focus Scotland and vote on the statement "Cheap alcohol is damaging health and society, I support minimum pricing".
We are currently ahead, with 72% having voted "No" out of 900 votes so far.
Bizarrely, you are allowed to vote as many times as you like. They really have thought this one through, haven't they?

74% No now - I wonder how long they will put up with the public having a say...


Teehee,added a few of my own, up to 77% against now!

A whopping 92% against when I voted just now.

He He - helped bring it from 12 to 10% - see it is now 8%.

95% against with 5525 votes in total


96% against with 5959 in toto

Two or three years ago, the BBC had a similar vote on Ken Livingston's proposed £25 congestion charge. The question was something like "Do you agree that the proposed £25 congestion charge for gas-guzzling vehicles is a good idea?"

The vote was running at about 50/50 for a while, then started edging more in the direction of a "No" vote, possibly after word was circulated among several pro-motorist groups. A while after the vote stabilised in this state, the "Yes" vote started to build rapidly until it ran to around 75% "Yes", at which point it stabilised. Smelling a rat, someone who will remain nameless tried an experiment. A script was employed to generate a large number of "No" votes to push it back to what had happened before the suspicious and rapid "Yes" swing. The vote was pushed back to around 75% "No".

After the script was stopped, the "Yes" vote started rapidly building again until it stabilised at about 75% "Yes". The speed at which this happened, and the fact that it started very soon after the "No" script was halted, suggested it may be an "inside job".

So, the "No" script was given another go - and left running this time. It hammered the vote back to "No" with such a majority that even though the "Yes" vote was building again, it never caught up. The poll ended with a huge (in excess of 1 million!) votes and a "No" majortiy...

...but on the poll results page, the question had been edited to read something like "If the congestion charge was raised to £25, would it make you consider leaving London?"

I wish I had kept records of all this. Funnily enough, I did end up leaving London (for many reasons, one of which was most definitely red Ken). Fortunately that disgusting excuse for a "mayor" was ditched soon after.

Ta for link. The fact you could vote as many times as you liked was icing on the cake.

Back to 95% at 8682 votes - are the righteous rallying?

Back to 95% at 8682 votes - are the righteous rallying?

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