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easyCouncil - if only

Household to be charged for extra services under new 'easyCouncil' plans - Telegraph

Households will be forced to pay more for extra council services they use, as local authorities start to mirror the approach of budget airlines.

If only they would mirror Ryan Air - cut the "forced" amount you have to pay to the minimum and then give people the freedom to buy extra services if they want them and can't buy them cheaper elsewhere. But that doesn't seem to be what they are saying, they seem to be wanting to keep the rates skyhigh, reduce the services and then force ratepayers to top up their council tax bill if they actually want anything from the council, and only the council will be allowed to offer the services....


Come on now, be reasonable. About a third of what you pay goes on gold-plated pensions. Then there are all sorts of necessary study visits to go on, big salaries to pay, and the Town Hall will be listed and require lots of maintenance by someone's brother-in-law. This doesn't leave much for services.

Will they get a discount off for those services that they don't use?

What do you expect from a bust system that operates a manopoly.
People should pay for what they use, the public sector manopolies need to be broken up otherwise mafia politics will continue.

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