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The Real Top Ten Politics Blogs

Iain Dale and his readers produced The Top 100 Political Blogs

Position and last year:

1 1 Guido Fawkes Subscribers:639
2 2 Iain Dale Subscribers:404
3 7 Spectator Coffee House Subscribers:621
4 3 Conservative Home Subscribers:791
5 5 Political Betting Subscribers:1,113
6 4 Dizzy Thinks Subscribers:955
7 - Paul Waugh Subscribers:143
8 13 Tom Harris MP Subscribers:228
9 6 Devil's Kitchen Subscribers:105
10 18 Daniel Hannan MEP Subscribers:420

I have added subscriber numbers from Google Reader - other RSS readers and ways of reading blogs are available - but it shows that there is a free market way of ranking blogs, not depending on votes, and also how few people actually are interested in the Westminster village.

Reordered it becomes:
1 Political Betting Subscribers:1,113
2 Dizzy Thinks Subscribers:955
3 Conservative Home Subscribers:791
4 Guido Fawkes Subscribers:639
5 Spectator Coffee House Subscribers:621
6 Daniel Hannan MEP Subscribers:420
7 Iain Dale Subscribers:404
8 Tom Harris MP Subscribers:228
9 Paul Waugh Subscribers:143
10 Devil's Kitchen Subscribers:105

It would be interesting to expand the sample as I know other UK political blogs have more subscribers , surely Google must have a way of doing so.


Do I hear subscriptions?

The Google Ad is for Adult Size Jumping Castles. Excellent plan for my next party.

The Google Ad is for Adult Size Jumping Castles. Excellent plan for my next party.

Hmmm. One data sample? What are you—a climate scientist? ;-)

Through Feedburner (another Google property), for instance, I have 1,743 subscribers...


What is a subscriber? Do you have to pay? If so, how valid a metric is it?

TE- A subscriber is just someone who uses Google Reader to keep up to date with a particular blog, it is free and it could be said to provide a reasonable relative sample of the number of readers. I would guess a figure in the order of 1 in 20 readers of a blog use Google Reader.

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