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The Evidence That Doesn't Convince

Miliband's lap-dog museum's poll isn't going to plan...

Science Museum - Home - PROVE IT!
is your chance to check out the evidence and decide if you want to back a strong, effective, fair deal at Copenhagen.

349 counted in so far 1505 counted out so far

Do go and vote and keep an eye on the numbers because Milipede is beginning to blub...


361 Counted in. 1805 Counted out at 2:44GMT Saturday 24th October. Shall we send Millibrain a box of tissues?

After voting last night, and leaving a decent comment which willl never be read, I explored the rest of the site. I was appalled by the bias, leading and question-begging of the whole exercise.

405 counted in, 2136 counted out. I counted myself out and left a comment saying why. It won't be read I suppose.

At 2000 hours on 24th October 441 in 2,821 out. Come on everyone it is quite nice to be able to write what you think even though the chances of anyone reading it will be slim indeed.

The count has been reset as the first referendum on Climate Change gave the "wrong" answer (deja vu?).

You'll have to register again.

Oooh! Second time around. At 18.30hrs Saturday 903 'ins' and 5924 'outs'.
So heartening to give government stooges the poke in the eye they so desperately deserve.

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