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Estate Agent or Climate Scientist - Who is more trustworthy?

A patch of land in one of the world’s most sought-after property locations is on sale for £7.5 million – even though it could soon be underwater thanks to global warming

...experts warn increasingly severe weather conditions and rising sea levels could soon see the spit of land at the entrance to Poole harbour – parts of which are already two metres below sea level – swallowed up by the ocean.
Dr Edward Coombe, a consultant in geomorphology and former lecturer at Oxford University, said: “Sandbanks is a wave-created landform, waves created it and waves will destroy it with rising sea levels.
“This is the question of the inevitable. We are getting more storms because of climate change now. I don’t want to sound alarmist but we have got to face facts.
“The point is that storms can be expected to increase in the foreseeable future – in 15 to 20 years we will probably see some extremely alarming incidents. I would expect the sea level to rise two or three feet in the next 50 years.
“I am not attempting to decry people’s choices of buying land but they need to think about it.”.

Keith Fensom, of Savills, who is selling the site, said: “This flooding argument comes up every now and then and certainly the land is low-lying to the sea but there are defence systems in the sea to stop the beaches from washing away.
“I have worked in the area for 33 years and in that time the beaches have not changed and there has never ever been any breaching of the properties by the sea.”

At this hour of the morning I haven't been able to find an up todate graph of storm frequency so we can "face the facts". The latest I can see on the Met Office site is this:
Recent research on climate change science from the Hadley Centre
December 2003


There's a rigorous argument for you, I would love to see it updated. I recently reported that on digging around the Met Office files I came across this.


So should I spent the £7.5 miilion on the plot or not? Should I trust an estate agent or a climate scientist?


Well, for what its worth Al Gore bought a beachfront property about a year ago.

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