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National Trust Innit?

National Trust rebranded by Olympics firm - Telegraph

In an effort to keep up with the internet age, the defender of Britain's historic legacy is dropping its prefix of "The", switching to lower case letters and jazzing up its brand with brighter colours.
The make-over, which is thought to have cost the organisation hundreds of thousands of pounds, was designed by the same agency that invented the controversial logo for the London 2012 Olympics.
The "tone" of the organisation is also having a makeover in an effort to encourage more young people, ethnic minorities and urbanites to visit historic homes and gardens.
Barney Rogers, a partner at Bureaux Design predicted the organisation could end up dropping "National Trust" altogether and just going by the oak leaf symbol.
"In this day and age people respond better to an image rather than words," he added.

O tempora, o mores! Even the Stately Homes of England are no longer to be sanctuaries.


You mean that our "Yoof" are too dumb to read the words and need a picture. Just like before the Victorians and the encouragement of universal literacy. That's "Education, Education, Education" for you gentlemen!


"In this day and age people respond better to an image rather than words,"

Michael beat me to it, but I read this the same way he does: Barney Rodgers thinks his fellow Brits are too illiterate to even understand a dumbed down, two word name.

Perhaps more opertinent though would be to discover just what the links are between Bureaux Design and the apparat. Idiot third cousin? Unemployable step-brother? Or something else?

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