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Copenhagen Inflation

£18 a pint – 'the price of global warming'
SOARING food prices could leave UK consumers forking out almost £6.50 for a loaf of bread and more than £18 for a pint of beer by 2030, unless urgent action is taken to avert dangerous climate change.
A study for Friends of the Earth by Oxford University lecturer Ray Hammond examining how warming temperatures could affect food supplies said the prices of basics such as bread, rice and pasta could all spiral in the next two decades, leaving millions hungry in the UK. Yields of staple crops are predicted to fall as global temperatures rise, while climate change will put extra pressure on land and resources such as water, with more droughts, floods and extreme weather events expected.

Projected prices of other staple foods in 2030 include: · £6.48 for a 800g loaf of white bread (now 72p, would be £1.44 with normal inflation) · £17.91 for a 1 litre corn oil (now £1.99, would be £3.98 with normal inflation) · £15.21 for 1 kg of basmati rice (now £1.69, would be £3.38 with normal inflation) · £7.20 for 500g corn flakes (now 78p, would be £1.56 with normal inflation) · £16.02 for 24 Weetabix-style biscuits (now £1.78, would be £3.56 with normal inflation) · £18.45 for a pint of Pilsner lager (now £2.05, would be £4.05 with normal inflation) As pressure mounts ahead of the United Nations climate change talks in Copenhagen, the report is a reminder that global warming will hit ordinary Britons hard, as well as causing storms, droughts, famine and floods that will affect the developing world.

How long have we got until the Conference, how many more of these alarums will we have to read?


"Yields of staple crops are predicted to fall as global temperatures rise,"

Such a benign comment. It's bollocks of course. A warmer, wetter climate will be a boon to agriculture. There will not be a mass desertification. Arid areas will always shift but more rainfall will see former deserts blossom and warmer temperatures will bring into use land too cold for crops at the moment. Yields of staple crops will fall if certain people decide to price fertiliser out of the hands of the millions of farmers around the world who rely on them to improve the soil.

This idiot was on 'Farming Today' yesterday (29 Oct 2009) You can here his interview on the BBC4 site. It occurs at abot 10 minites from the start. At the end I fully expected him to run around the studio shouting, "We are doomed; we are all doomed.....

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