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A Noble Cause that Lord Stern should adopt

First change the pig’s diet, then change ours
One big obstacle to producing meat sustainably is the EU ban on feeding food waste to livestock. Since the foot-and-mouth outbreak of 2001 it has been illegal to feed swill to pigs, even though swill can be rendered safe simply by heat-treating it. The UN has calculated that if we fed livestock with food waste and agricultural residues, we could feed three billion additional people. Feeding food waste to pigs could also save millions of tonnes of carbon emissions by avoiding the need to produce conventional feed.

From Lord Stern's remarks about meat eating and the divided comments on them let us find one common cause:
British Swill Feeders and Coptic Pigs did an excellent job in producing food from waste, until banned. I'll let His Lordship point out the carbon friendliness of such recycling practices, I will stick to my inborn hate of waste. A few simple regulations and millions of tons of rubbish can be safely turned into bacon. Is there anything nobler than that?


Can something that is not sentient be evil?

the above comment is for the post below by the way!
i was confused by the line

Having eaten sundry of your piggies before, all I can say is: do whatever you were doing before, because the product tasted wonderful.

Screw the stupid regs.

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