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Science Museum - PROVE IT Update

It looks like the Science Museum's Poll has now settled down and presumably all the votes have been verified by an email bounce - not foolproof but as fair as any of these online polls get.
The results are convincingly onesided...

Science Museum - PROVE IT!

823 counted in so far 5631 counted out so far

If you haven't visited the site - "All the evidence you need to believe in climate change" - then please do and cast an informed vote after reviewing their case.


It wont take my email address.

Hmm... it might just be me - but it seems that most of the "evidence" is purely a re-stating of the usual Dogma rather than actually providing any evidence or proof.

Shame really.


Still running about six to one against the scam.

This is the fourth set of results I've seen for the poll. It looks like it does now at first, then it was reset, then thousands of votes appeared making it almost 50/50 and now it's gone back to what it was like before. There's no science at the Science Museum.

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