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This is the Greenmail Crossing the Border

Race to spend £27bn on Scotland to England rail link 'without knowing facts' - Scotsman.com News

MINISTERS are dashing headlong towards paying for a £27 billion high-speed rail link from Scotland to England with only "shaky" evidence that it will get people out of cars and planes, a major report will claim today.
The study, commissioned by the RAC Foundation, says there will be only modest environmental benefits from a new line.
The foundation said "evangelical" politicians of all colours were being too hasty in backing a new high-speed link before the hard facts were known.
But sources at the Department for Transport said the claims were "nonsense", insisting that a new link would take thousands of people off polluting planes.

Hard facts? Investment in railways? Don't make me laugh. The great God of Choo-choos demands our monetary sacrifice at all times, don't mix up religion and reason.


Transport (including rail) is devolved so any multi-billion pound capital expenditure on a rail link in England is likely to result in Barnett consequentials so not only will the Scottish end of the link be built using its subsidy from the English taxpayer but it will also result in a a big bonus payment to the Scottish government as "compensation" for money being spent in England. Heads they win, tails we lose.

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