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I fought the Law and the Law won

An Update to my threatened Coombe Bissett Speeding case.
I refused to take the penalty and held out for a hearing in front of the Magistrates.

Today I have received the following;

...the speed limit on the A354 at Coombe Bissett is enforceable for traffic travelling along that route and entering the 30 mph where terminal signs are erected.

The situation is certainly different for traffic joining the A354 via the by-way in question. Wiltshire Council have confirmed that they intend to erect signs at both ends of the by-way in the near future but I am also advised that the absence of such signs does not necessarily provide a defence if you entered the 30 mph limit at that point. It would be for a court of law to decide if the repeater signage was adequate and provided sufficient information to drivers. Nonetheless, I accept that there is an element of doubt and that the usual CPS tests would apply if a court prosecution was under consideration.

In the circumstances, based on your assertion that you joined the A354 from the by-way, I can confirm that on this occasion the Notice of Intended Prosecution will be cancelled and there will be no further
action in respect of this matter.

I think a little celebratory drink will be in order this evening..


Well done. Make sure they don't nick you when you're driving home from the pub.

WV: harry

Yeh, I'd drive there and back.

So a little bit of nil illegitimi can still work even during the Brown Terror. That's good to know.

Great news.

Best regards

Yeh, I'd drive there and back.

congrats....the world is divided into those with fight in them and...victims, it's obvious what side of the line you fall on.

Well done.

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