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An Elegy for Freedom

The Devil's Kitchen: Farewell freedom—it was nice knowing you expands on Worstall's post on the misuse of POCA - The right to search homes, seize cash, freeze bank accounts and confiscate property will be given to town hall officials and civilian investigators employed by organisations as diverse as Royal Mail, the Rural Payments Agency and Transport for London.

To answer the Devil's question, I'm stockpiling the hempen, but I think we will need a whole lot more.


It's really our own fault. We were all too busy or asleep, or trying to pick up girls, while the fascist GramscoFabiaNazis were plotting and working, never having forgiven us for

(a) defeating the 2nd Reich abd afterwards Hitler, who were their two first really big modern opportunities to gain global and local domination,
and worse...
(b) causing the USSR and all its global shenannigans and mountebanks to fall down in the mud.

We didn't, sadly, conflate properly all the various little secondary GFN cancers around the world, including and especially at home, with the main identifiable enemy. We allowed a home-grown Enemy Class to remain in work, influential and alive, particularly in our Universities and Soviets. We even allowed it to do teaching.

The results are now coming home to us here.

Sometimes I find myself saying very unlibertarian things, about enemies. It depends how an enemy of liberty behaves, and how serious he is. Or perhaps that's silly, since all enemies of liberty are bad. But...we have now been faced for nearly 200 years, with one so implacable, so focussed, so very very happy to endure the long and slow fulfilment to a careful and deliberate plan for a two-centuries-project or longer. This project is to re-eliminate liberalism and individual freedom, hurling Man back into a pre-capitalist barbarian life of slavery - excepting the Rulers (in embryonic form, today's Enemy Class) who will live once more in unimaginable comfort and wealth and pleasure while the rest of humanity dies freezing and starving in the darkness. They believe they are nearing the end of the project, which is why some, such as troughing MPs, behave as is they are a separate level of being and dignity from their mere electors.

And they are extremely angry, with Britain especially, which brazenly pointed the Way To THe Door Out Of Hell, jumping up and down in front of all peoples of the world, shouting "It's That Way!" Our own home-grown Enemy Class is uniquely angry, since it senses its own desperate isolation and innate lack of support, plus it wants to shine with the credit for encompassing the destruction of liberty in Britain, all by itself.

We did fail to spot or eliminate all these people when there were not very many, and should blame first ourselves. In 1989 and 1990 more easily than at any other time, we could have had them branded as murderers, perverts, child-molesters, embezzlers, distorters of truth and other forms of socialist, and permanently shunned and sundered from civilisation perhaps in a caravan-park somewhere in a marsh, with bottled Gaz and little electricity. I know I myself could have done much more in the 1980s, when little effort would have been required, but I was having too good a time at work and at play. Instead, we partied and celebarated.

It's almost too late now.

Would you like me to e-mail some blackpowder for the brass nine-pounders? Or should I send it to Guido for his part in the Glorious Day festivities?

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