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Climate Change Ignorance

Met accused of ignorance about climate change - Telegraph
Police are advising householders to install movement-sensitive security lights to protect their homes from intruders at night.
Jenny Jones, the former Deputy Mayor of London, a member of the Metropolitan Police Authority and London assembly member for the Green Party, accused the police of failing to address the "environmental ramifications" of Operation Bumblebee.
She said: "The Met simply does not get Climate change, and neither does the Mayor of London. They need a basic education in these issues before we all drown in our beds.
The average motion-sensor security light goes off five to eight times per night for around five minutes, meaning that a household would notch up 152 hours of extra wattage a year and add around 22,000 tons of carbon dioxide to London's carbon footprint.

Hours of wattage that is! It all comes down to priorities, are you more worried about Billy Burglar breaking in or the sea level suddenly rising tonight? Which is more likely to happen and cause you harm?

Maybe I should turn green and invest in a night vision rifle scope and do away with the krieg lights at The Castle....


Reading Ms Jones's comments the way she words them might lead one to believe that 1 kWh produces 1,447 tons of carbon dioxide*. Now I'm sure this is not the case, I'm also sure Ms Jones knows this, but it's a nice example of Greenie alarmist obfuscation.

What she also fails to mention (perhaps she knows not about electricty distribution) is that at night the electricity companies are desperate to get rid of power as there is more being pumped out than is needed. It all comes down to the fact that base load stations can't be switched on and off like ... errr ... security lights. So seeing as the men in white overalls have had to spend a lot of time and effort making electrons and pumping carbon dioxides into the atmosphere one could argue that not to burn lights at all hours would actually be impolite.

*Assuming those nasty security lights operate at 100W.

We can't turn back time we need to adapt. Take a look at this article The Great Transition: http://www.scribd.com/doc/21656220/The-Great-Transition-Navigating-Social-Economic-Ecological-Change-in-Turbulent-Times

I'd have some (not much, but some) respect for the Tree Huggers if they'd advocate for nuclear power to replace petrochemicals and coal. I'd like to see a British or U.S. government come up with a plan to fully nuclearize their electricity industries and tell the greens to either accept it or shut up about climate change.

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