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Bletted and my first taste of an Open-Arse, I'm converted!

"Wineskins of brown morbidity, autumnal excrementa ... an exquisite odour of leave taking".
Openarse.jpgOpen Arse - Common Medlar (Mespilus germanica)

My tree has fruited and the first fruits are rotting, bletting, nicely. Until they turn to a soft brown goo, like apple sauce, inside the starfish opening they are not edible. I tried my first one yesterday and found out what I have been missing all these years. Wonderful.

This white top writeth myne olde yeris;
Myn herte is mowled also as myne heris —
But if I fare as dooth an open-ers.
That ilke fruyt is ever lenger the wers,
Til it be roten in mullok or in stree.
We olde men, I drede, so fare we:
Til we be roten, kan we nat be rype;


I'm lost. But it's about food and it is potentially delicious, hence I need to know. So, what you are talking about?

I have one on order for delivery in January...any tips or do nthey sort themselves out?

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