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All Property is Theft!

Britain should become a 'hire society' rather than a 'throw away' society says WRAP
Items that could be hired instead of bought include tableware, gardening tools, new electronic gadgets, ski equipment, clothes, telephones and cars.
Liz Goodwin, Chief Executive of WRAP, said consumer buying patterns and waste reduction are the "secret weapon" in meeting climate change targets.

Tableware? Clothes? Telephones? I can see hiring the odd ball gown makes sense but I don't want to hire Monboits old boxer shorts. Fair enough hiring in some extra plates when you are hosting a do in a marquee, but I prefer to own my own spoons, thank you. And telephones, the penny drops. I remember when we all had to hire our telephones from the GPO, the joys of socialist provision of lines and services. That is the glorious future they want for us.


So do people take more care of their hired goods or their owned goods? Every hire compaany I know of spends a lot of time and effort taking deposits and checking for damage, so I suppose they think hired goods aren't well looked after. Sounds like a recipe for increasing waste.

Making laws that stipulate that consumer goods have to last a lot longer than a year would be great. (The hiring is not such a good idea with a lot of things)

And making manufacturers use standard parts (and offer spares at reasonable prices when not) so that things can be repaired would also go a long way towards being 'green'.

Also, designing things so that they are simple and thus servicable by the owner (remember the 70's?) would also be good.

Not saying it works for everything there is, but chucking out the entire thing if only a small part needs changing is annoying, not in the least because you have to rebuy the gadget at the full price (which is probably the reason manufacturers don't do that)

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