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Perth Sinking Not Drowning

BBC NEWS | World | Asia-Pacific | W Australia sea level rising fast

Statistics from Australia's National Tidal Centre show levels have increased by 8.6mm a year off the coast of the state capital Perth.
That compares to a global average of just over 3mm.
Scientists have said that man-made climate change has played a significant role in the rise.....

Not a mention that Perth sits on the Perth Basin which shows a very high subsidence rate because groundwater is
being over-extracted and that the whole basin continues to subside because of the weight of sediments within it.

Two minutes with Mr Google and another scare story falls apart....


The paper you link to states that Perth's mean subsidance rate is 2mm/yr. Even subtracting this from the reported sea level rise leaves it more than double the global average - and there is no indication that the reported rise doesn't take subsidance into account already..

Oh no, hang on. I'm totally wrong. The paper reports 24mm/yr - so your point is valid. Apologies. Though it is still possible that the reported sea level rise already takes this into acount.

Pheon: Rearrange this well known phrase or saying.

At straws grasping are you.

Maybe the extra 5.6mm rise in the sea level comes from global warming's causing the oceans to form a mountain of water around Perth.
It might have been a better place for Mr. Gore to put his newly acquire 100 ft long diesel-powered house boat rather than the lake in Tenesee on which it currently resides.

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