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Mr FM's Golfing Holiday in Scotland

Golf club under attack over shooting of foxes - Scotsman.com News

Gourock Golf Club, in Inverclyde, has brought in the gunmen to kill the animals after members complained they were ruining the 18-hole course.
Last night, activists condemned the club for being too keen to "shoot to kill". John Patrick, of Scotland For Animals, said: "This is a worrying development, as it could set the mark for how premises and businesses deal with so-called 'pest problems'."
He added: "There are several effective and humane methods of discouraging foxes and other animals from entering land.
"Hiring marksmen to creep around in the dead of night blasting bullets about the place isn't one of them.

I've never played golf but I was hoping they were allowing members to pack something other than clubs in their trolleys, it might have made the game a bit more interesting.


Alternatives? What? Like sending a stiff letter? The only proven method of stopping Mr Reynard the Fox is a bullet. Proven, cost effective and it sounds like I might like to take up golf if shooting is included.
"Shoot to kill"? I thought that was the idea, you don't "shoot to sting a bit" (like a paper cut and lemon rind) you take your time, wait for a good shot and give it a quick clean death.

yeah - lets kill everything that gets in our way - nothing like the feeling of killing an animal - better than sex for me. but then im a sad inadequete who gets my kicks from killing animals - how pathetic a human being am i that i need to kill sentient creatures to get my rocks off. kill !!!!!!

Oh do shut up you sad townie ponce.

Actually, I once killed a pigeon on a golf course -- hit it in mid-flight with a well-struck 5-iron, feathers everywhere -- and the bugger of it was that the others wouldn't give me a mulligan.

As for Dr. Kevin: I might not kill every animal that gets in my way -- but I'd certainly lay into every one of YOUR type with a fucking morningstar if I had the chance.

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