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Spanner Monkeys Demand Boys' Toys Building Program

Spirit of Blitz 'needed to beat climate change' - Scotsman.com News

A WARTIME mentality is needed to fight climate change, with a new battle plan drawn up that includes building 40,000 more wind turbines and 20 nuclear power stations by the middle of the century, a new report claims.
IMechE's chief executive Stephen Tetlow said there was a need for a "wartime mentality", with ordinary people aware of how much electricity they were using in the same way they would have been aware of food consumption and blackouts in the Second World War.

The report calls for a new 100-year "battle plan"...eclipsing "the efforts and resourcing deployed during the Cold War".... remodelling the Department of Energy and Climate Change into the new Department of Energy and Climate Security (DECS), giving it significant powers to implement what is necessary and needed in the war against climate change.....only be effective if DECS merges all actions into one definitive national battle plan that spans at least 100 years.

I think it would be more useful if they ran their sliderules over the data first, before getting all wet pantied over building artificial trees and bunds.


Engineer calls for gigantic state-funded engineering projects?

Say it ain't so!

As for 100-year plans, Jeez, gimme a break. Have they not read the histories of the communist world? (Rhetorical question, yes)


Sliderule? These amateurs use a laptop to generate their models and commit the greatest faux pas in research - selecting the data to match the theory rather than examining the data. A sliderule is a mathematician's Light Sabre, a more refined instrument from a more civilised time. Sliderules are great fun to use as well!

100 year battle plan, are we invading France again?
Thankfully we get the chance to change politicians every 4 or 5 years but sadly a lot of the electorate swallow this hook line and sinker!

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