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Tory Troughing is The Best

Is the food you're eating liberal or conservative? - Comment Central - Times Online - WBLG....political adversaries view each other with suspicion across a gulf in eating habits too...

Conservatives prefer plainer, meatier, more traditional foods and are keener on "junk" food takeaways. No surprises there, but obviously this is a Septic survey because the Liberals spend much more on and drink much more wine, a suspicious European habit. Whereas here drinking wine is upholding traditional values, there is very little wine worth drinking that doesn't come from somewhere that was part of the Empire or Wellington marched through.

And what is it with apple corers? Most conservatives have one and use it and most liberals have no clue what they are? I know what they are but wouldn't own one or use one, I have a karda that does the job, what does that make me?


You use a Karda? You fascist!

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