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Telegraph Gun Crime

Collecting: vintage shotguns - Telegraph
Top-quality old British shotguns can be beautiful, valuable and practical.

To my untutored eyes that gun looks neither old nor British; it looks a bit like my Benelli Auto, maybe you know better?


Quite unlike the pair of 1914 WW Greeners that my old daddy handed on to me ten years ago. The thing in the picture looks most unpleasant and has not been within a mile of an artistic engraver.

You think, Mr. Englishman, that journalists know anything more about firearms than they go BANG!?

Shame, shame...

I think they are talking about the guy in the hat. It is the use of the word gun that is causing the problem.


Mr du Toit,

At least the hack's got over the standard "guns are eeeeeeevil" programming. Sadly, I suspect his seat on the next train to the re-education camps is being booked as we speak.

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