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Recipe of the Day - Traditional Mincemeat

The countdown begins - this morning I'm making the mincemeat for the Christmas pies. Basically Mrs Beeton's Recipe downsized and made easier.
Suet seems to come in 200g packs these days, so as I'm lazy I have changed all the other ingredient amounts to match one pack (bloody metric). If you have the time use the recipe linked above if not there is no excuse for not making this.

200g Beef Suet
400g Mixed Fruit with peel
100g of Beef steak (raw minced)
200g of diced cooking apple
bit of nutmeg, squeeze of lemon, some lemon zest.
A large splash of brandy.

Mix them all together, squeeze into a sealable jar and leave for at least a couple of weeks; make it now for Christmas and you will be mouthing my name in thanks as you eat the best Mince Pies ever, and cursing as you will never be able to face a shop bought one ever again.


Out here in the benighted colonies, I can't seem to find suet in my local stores.(Except for the stuff intended for bird feeders) Would anything horrible happen if I substituted lard for the suet. It would be kind of appropriate, as Canadians were fuels on pig fat for much of our history.

TE - I'm not sure - check google and give it a go.

I'll give them a whirl...my christmas pudding last year was a great success...non of that suitable for vegetarians nonsense. How are supposedly original recipes of puddings and mince meat as sold in shops, vegetarian?

Ah but what about the pastry? In my experience, even the very best mincemeat can be ruined when packed in something better suited to insulating the attic, or lining the bottom of a parrot's cage.

Omg, this reminds me of the embarrassing day the first time I visited England, where I bought a glass of mince meat for Bolognese sauce(mince in a glass? Die spinnen die Briten! ;-), only to find it was sweet, sticky and incredibly disgusting (as in chemical, yuck).

Your recipe sounds very nice tho and I shall try it, but I think I may substitute part of the brandy for some bear catcher: 1 jar good honey, 1 bottle of brandy (0.7l) or cognac, mix properly into bottle that closes well (old sherry bottles are great), put into the cellar(or somewhere dark and cool), dig it out next Xmas or later if you can somehow manage that. I have some bear catcher that is 12 years old and a dream to drink.

Re Mrs Beeton: her cookbook is now on Librivox as a free audio book:


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