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Not seeing the wood for the trees in biofuel power stations

Britain cuts down forests to keep ‘green’ power stations burning - Times Online

A series of biomass-fired plants are being built in the UK that will trigger a 150 per cent surge in timber imports from 20 million tonnes today to 50 million tonnes by 2015, according to the Forestry Commission.
British power plants are already shipping wood from Canada, Brazil, Scandinavia and South Korea.
...to meet UK pest control laws the timber will need to be baked (to 56 C at the core of the wood, for a minimum of 30 minutes) before it can be shipped to the UK.
An estimated 4.5 million tonnes of waste wood are landfilled in the UK each year, according to government estimates.

Pick the greenery out of that!


They bake it for half an hour prior to burning it?? (Par for the course, I suppose.)

"But the plant, which is due to open in 2012, will generate only 300 megawatt hours of electricity"

Excellent, enough to run my washing machine for about 12 years. It does beg the question, what are people who are not me going to do for their electricity?

A journalist who does not know what a watt is should not write articles about power generation.

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