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What about the EURO4M link?

The timing of the CRU leak, for I believe it was a leak rather than a hack, has people looking for a reason.

One of the last documents (\FOIA\documents\EURO4M_DoW_v2.doc) to be added to the archive is the Grant Agreement and Description of Work for European Reanalysis and Observations for Monitoring (EURO4M).

Four million Euros is what they want to "develop the capacity for, and deliver the best possible and most complete (gridded) climate change time series and monitoring services covering all of Europe."
"Recruitment of young, talented female researchers will be encouraged in EURO4M. ..The gender committee will liaise with national programmes in the production of suitable information material for schools....The Management Board has been chosen to ensure that women are adequately represented at the highest organisational levels of the project and consists of seven people. From the four appointed, one is woman (25%). Whilst not approaching equality, this percentage is higher than that of women in senior positions in climate science generally, and gives women a significant say in how the project is organised and run."

That sort of money, the takeover of national roles, the management selection methods is enough to make the passed over feel bitter....


Hmm -while I often agree with what you say - this smacks a little of male resentment. And I can relate to that; for forty years I was on the receiving end of similar deliberate attempts to sideline me. It seems a little cynical of me to giggle a little now the boot is on the other foot, but sad to say it is so.

( TE- Quite - and if you were a senior male who was going to miss out on such lucrative work might you not feel hurt and do something to hit back?)

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