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The Harry Read Me File

As expected the paydirt is in the data files. I have been trying to make sense of the emerging story about the HARRY_READ_ME.txt file, and luckily The Devil has produced a first summary of the story so far.

The Devil's Kitchen: Data horribilia: the HARRY_READ_ME.txt file

Download HARRY_READ_ME.txt


The file (and the related code in the /cru-code/ directory tree) really does keep on giving. I'm desperately trying not to get tempted to read more as I have work to do.

Isnt it a plausible theori that one in the staff finally got tired of all this and leaked the information instead of a hacker. A programmer for example....

BTW I've uploaded the readme in sections starting here - http://di2.nu/foia/HARRY_READ_ME-0.html - the last section (35) needs further splitting

The 'leaked, rather than hacked' meme is gaining traction. Either way someone has done the world an almost incalculably valuable service. This won't blow the doors off the AGW conspiracy, but it is powerful ammunition nonetheless.

This HarryReadMe file is fascinating! My Fortran and statistics background suffer from about 20 years of non-use, so I've had a hard time understanding a lot of the file. However, some major questions occurs to me and I'd like to see some more intelligent people than me pursue them. Why was this programmer (Harry?) assigned to do this task? Was he asked to try to replicate what a previous programmer (Tim?)had done? And if so, why? Was Tim's data lost? or deleted? And so forth. Thanks.

What is the background of the Harry Read Me file? Where did it originate? I'm just getting my feet wet on this one. Is this from the East Anglia University?

I wish there was a way to get our corrupt media in the United States to cover this scandal.

It appears as if they are part of it!!

this Global warming scam gives new meaning to PHD piled high and deep.(bull shit)with a B.S. in public Safety and Chemistry im a teacher. Teachers count on the Scientist to tell the truth not lye to gain their own ends.this is like a fireman setting fire to make them selves look good a policeman stealing from a shop owner.A teacher not giving thier best and just going through the motions.

If you cant figure this out, how is the corrupt liberal media going to figure this out? Simple, spin it. Don't wait for the media. Old but true addage..garbage in garbage out, but the garbage out is the proof of man made global warming. This good enought for the socialist. Besides, the fact that the source data was modified at input time is neither accurate nor secure is not good practise in any science or data discipline. Secondly the source data itself before input is questinable too. Secondly the original source data is assumed to be final measurement readings is also in doubt, since we do not know if any transformations took place by the scientists themselfs. Thirdly the computational models used, are they valid and scientific in nature. Forthly....and fith and sixth etc. Look if reall scientists dont apply themselves in this case, there proffesion will also be called into question, unfairly i beleive. Yes the sham scientists with the help of the socialist have put us all in danger.

I'm a software engineer and I read quite a bit of the file. The main theme from HARRY_READ_ME.txt appears to be a guy working with a complete cluster fuck of bad climate data, bad analysis software, bad programming, and bad assumptions. Poor Harry! He seems to be trying to fill the shoes of some former mysterious guy named "Tim" who did all of the data correlation and analysis. Try as he might he cannot reproduce what "Tim" was doing. From the readme file it is clear that raw climate data was recorded with errors, transmitted with more errors, stored with errors, converted to different file formats with errors, and used in calculations that contain errors. This is proof that all the conclusions reached based off this is a fucking laughable joke!!!

Maybe this fits the released information. Figures do not lie, but lairs figure.

This Harry Read Me file does not change my mind about Global Warming. I think we still need to use wind, solar, wave, nuclear, etc to reduce carbon usage where it is economical without tax credits. Coal will be cheap for many years and I think solar will come down in cost to compete with coal at some point. I think the bigger problem with coal is all the other junk released when burning coal.

HARRY_READ_ME.TXT is a complete, utter and grand cluster F. To be honest I'm surprised their data didn't say we're living on Mars.

To call anthropogenic global warming a pseudoscience is an insult to rain-dancing.

Tom, you are spot on.

My experience with code is limited to being able to do a directory in DOS - so I can only make sense of the comments. But it seems like Harry is trying to get the database to produce results that were published previously. Does than sound right to anyone? In any event, it appears to be a mess.

Great job!! In a time where every penny has to be accounted for, to say that you may well be on the way to saving $174,000,000,000,000.00 from being spent on frivolous matters is wonderful.

Great job!! In a time where every penny has to be accounted for, to say that you may well be on the way to saving $174,000,000,000,000.00 from being spent on frivolous matters is wonderful. We need to be vigilant as humans as to what we do on this planet but do not need to be put in a bind taxed to death to controlm something, that in the end is not for us to control.

For those of you in the UK and US who don't trust your media outlets, may I humbly suggest something?

Anyone with the technical know-how who is able to (and has been for that matter) sort through the morass of info available, please send your findings to Sky News (UK) and FOX News (US). As much as they seem to get pilloried by their mainstream cousins for being tools of the right wing, they're the only ones with any semblance of journalistic integrity left.

I have couple of comments.

1. Why not the involved scientists be given a lie-detector test?

2. Why not the originally collected data be made public and let the other scientific community be allowed to test or analyse it and then compare the results?


1. It's doubtful they'd assent to a lie-detector test.

2. They've stated that they "lost" the original data; all that's left is the data that they've munged over the years (what they're calling the "value-added data").

Does anybody have the source code under the /cru-code/ directory? the original source, di2.nu, doesn't seem to be on-line anymore.

I don't understand what all the fuss is about. I didn't read the whole thing (it being very long), but he seems to be trying to port a series of databases from one set of software into another and having a very hard time of it. He is, however, continually stopping to check that his output matches the output from the older software to make sure the porting is working correctly. How is this problematic, except to poor Harry?

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