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Aaronovitch in Green Hissy Fit (Sponsored by Shell)

Strip away the figleaf and reveal naysayers | David Aaronovitch - Times Online

I don’t think Lord Lawson accepts the science of climate change at all. But, in any case, according to him, “a warmer climate brings benefits as well as disadvantages”. Oh, really? And where exactly are those peer-reviewed scientific studies that say that if global warming does continue more or less unchecked, the gains and losses will be roughly balanced? No, what we should do, he argues, is “adapt”.

One day someone will spell out precisely how, say, Bangladesh should adapt to the climate change that has probably already been engendered, let alone to that which might be caused by simply carrying on as we are.

In the meantime low-lying Bengalis can take comfort from the thought that Lord Lawson is on their side in supporting rapid economic growth through current energy policies.

Oh dear, even a failed Oxford Modern Historian should be able to parse what Lord Lawson said better than that, instead of erecting a strawman. But I think the real reason for Aaronovitch's huffiness is because someone failed to recognise how important he is...

Yesterday in the late afternoon, after a day of leaving messages on someone’s Orange answerphone (an unnamed someone), I finally got a return call from the “new high-powered all-party think-tank”, the Global Warming Policy Foundation, promised to the world yesterday, via these pages, by Lord Lawson of Blaby. The foundation’s high-poweredness was clearly a forecast rather than a reality.

They don't call, they don't send flowers...

And of course The Times is publishing an alarmist supplement today on the Copenhagen Summit sponsored by a full page advert from Shell. Who's the Big Oil Shrill now?


Aaronovitch is no more than a No 10 sock puppet; he is only worth reading so as to learn what propaganda the government is peddling at any one moment. Straw man argument is a bog standard NuLabour tactic, one of the many fallacious arguments it uses.

Submit your idea for reform?

Click and take action?

Oh boy, bring it on.

I wonder how good they will be at censoring rational suggestions? Something tells me they're about to find out...

david aaronovitch is as always seeing things from a limited perspective,not unusual from such limited clear thinkers.why does he not just accept that the case for his argument is only made by the political elite,whom he likes to think he belongs to,the greater population carries on thinking a tad wider and longer.one day david,one day.

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