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Paid Expert Disses Unpaid Experts

Wikipedia: an anti-intellectual venture to its core - Times Online

Wikipedia is routinely cited in online articles as a substitute for explanations of concepts, events and people. It has thereby coarsened public culture. It is an anti-intellectual venture to its core.
Knowledge is democratic in the sense that no one has the right to claim the last word. Wikipedia is democratic in the different and corrosive sense that anyone can join in regardless of competence.

Dear old Olly Kamm banging on yet again as only a left wing intellectual expert can about how horrible it is that amateurs should be allowed to voice an opinion.
Of course he is right some parts of Wikipedia show that the loudest voices and most obsessive contributors become the arbiters of truth. That there are many Wikipedia articles that are scrupulous, balanced and fair treatments of their subjects. But these are liable to be overthrown at any time by an editor with an idée fixe and an empty life. Some might mention Climate Change as an example.
But better that than having only the regurgitated opinions of a Press Baron's Hireling.

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I wonder how Ollie feels about the election of representatives to parliament?

I mean, anyone can join in that process too and, the last time I looked, universal adult suffrage wasn't qualified by any competency requirement.

The poor love must hate general elections.

Presumably the people who write proper encyclopedias are emminently qualified?

Wikipedia may well attract vandals and idiots but it also attracts plenty of massively clever people with specialist subjects who write entries far better than anyone else could.

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