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$1.5 Billion of our Green Taxes Missing Unaccounted For

Money promised by rich nations to tackle climate change unaccounted for
A total of 20 nations pledged up to 410 million dollars (£247m) a year in 2001, resulting in a pot that should be worth well over 1.6 billion dollars (£963m).
But only 260m dollars (£157m) has been paid into two United Nations funds earmarked for the purpose according to the latest figures, the BBC World Service investigation said.
Boni Biagini, who runs the funds, told the broadcaster: ''These numbers don't match the 410m per year. Otherwise, we'd be handling billions of dollars by now.''
Artur Runge-Metzger, the senior climate change negotiator for the European Union, said the EU had done what it promised to do.
''We can say we met the promise, climate finance has really been stepped up,'' he told the BBC.
But he admitted the EU was unable to provide data to show it did pay the money.

Not knowing the details but I think it is roughly $3 Billion (400 x 8) gone missing but the paper says it is only $1.5 billion, whatever, Artur just shrugs his shoulders....


The EU can't account for its spending?

Say it ain't so!

Just what good does giving the UN or anyone else for that matter lots of taxes have to do with changing the climate, just what is done with this money apart from funding more pseudo scientists to jet around the world and lecture us stay at home types on climate change?
Bunch of cnuts

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