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Chilly Down Under

Iceberg off New Zealand a tourist mecca - World environment- msnbc.com
Nov. 21, 2006
WELLINGTON, New Zealand - An iceberg has been spotted from the New Zealand shore for the first time in living memory, drawing tourists via helicopter and scientists who are trying to determine where it and several other giant chunks drifting in the country's waters originated from.
Last year, icebergs were seen in New Zealand water for the first time in 56 years, but couldn't be seen from the shore. This year one was visible from Dunedin on South Island on Thursday.
BBC News - Ships on alert for icebergs heading towards New Zealand
25 November 2009
A warning has been issued to ships in the southern Pacific Ocean after more than 100 iceberg were spotted drifting towards New Zealand.
Scientists are now investigating the conditions which have allowed the icebergs to travel in such a large form for so long.

Heck, I wonder what could have caused the ice not melt...


Just finished reading John Wyndham's 'The Kraken Wakes' - this does not sound good. Oh noes we're all going to die!

More than 100 icebergs drifting towards NZ?

It's an Armada! The bloody penguins have finally mobilised and they're invading New Zealand!

It'll be because of Global Warming, you just wait and see.

They haven't completely melted yet because they started as very big icebergs.

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