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Hot Air and Cow Farts

The Wiltshire Bustard: Cows Saved From the Altar of Climate Change



Recently intercepted email. Don't tell anyone where you saw it!

Trying to compare climate change models with reality.
Wrote several programs to assist with this process. Tried creating facts from the ‘Rubbish the farmer’ files (under program 12/2/c, using the published ‘climatology’. Then tried to square with
the flood files I'd produced (this is all for the Copenhagen arrangement).
Couldn't get a sensible looking answer in the time left! Eventually
resorted to visualisation - looks like the we can get a good fit up for Burnham’s files with a bit of fudge and tame uni info. Some adjustments required.

Burnham reading Clancy again. Wants to sex up image. Do you think
can get away with ‘Clear & Present Danger’ Or similar?

Don't understand why the public program not working as well as expected.
‘Right to roam’ program matches ‘rubbish the farmer’ program
and links well with climate change file 12/3/b ‘Responsibility of farmers
(to cut carbon emissions by 50% to reduce temp’) also 14/3/a ‘ flooding of towns due to farm drainage’. Subtext: Climate change is their responsibility and their fault if we can’t stop it. Timely, and Works for me:-)

First result: should work perfectly, RSPB/Natural England also on board. Using similar programs.

Trying something *else*. Will write a prog to convert the Medvl warming period files
to a single file with 120 columns and a row for each non-zero cell. Looks impressive at conference.
It will be slow. But will show period records as being incorrect due to their knowledge deficit re world picture.

It is a nuisance because the site power is off (wind turbine stopped) so I will get it running later.

Success! I would crack open a bottle of bubbly but it's only 11.20am and it’s not yet chilled.
The program ‘flood the media’ 17/6/t is running,
largely thanks to added input from you know who, following the CRU mess up.
A palpable sense of relief pervades the office :-)
Make sure you delete this thread. Don’t want anything like that here.


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