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Remove Speed Cameras and then what happens?

Pocket GPS World - Swindon Speed Cameras

It's now been almost four months since Swindon Council famously scrapped their fixed speed cameras. Swindon's five fixed cameras were decommissioned on July 31 due to funding issues.
Councillor Peter Greenhalgh, stated that on the roads where the speed cameras had been removed, "There has been no increase in accidents at those locations. Speed is an issue but there’s no evidence speeds have increased on those roads. We often get people saying speeds are too fast on a certain road then, when we do some analysis, we don’t get any evidence of that."

Coun Greenhalgh said: “There are a number of things we can do to reduce the risk but we cannot prevent people from getting killed on our roads.

“Road users have to take responsibility for their actions.”


I live near Swindon and drive around that area a lot. Since they got rid of the (surprisingly few) speed cameras in the town they've put up 30 mph reminder sensors on lots of roads. And I have to say they work, on me at least. Most people are not actively trying to drive too fast, its just in modern cars you can be doing 10mph faster than you should very easily. All it takes for most people is a reminder 'Oy you should be doing 30 here!' and they will check their speed and slow down. Hugely more effective, and more proportionate, to do that, than have a machine zap you at 36 mph and give you a fine and 3 points on your license.

Kudos to Swindon Borough Council for doing this, and (party political point) it is a Tory council.

I have always thought that there should be a strict rule that every speed camera warning sign should either have a speed limit reminder incorporated or there should be one fixed to the same post. Some areas do this but most do not.

There are far too many places where large number of people are booked because they genuinely think the speed limit is higher than it actually is. The police use these as a convenient place to make some money rather than erect some speed limit reminder signs and reduce the speed of the traffic.

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