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Dealing With Climate Change Invaders

Climate Change's Clear Winners: SPIEGEL ONLINE

They roam in close-knit, well-organized groups,...It's not surprising that they are doing so well. They eat anything from discarded pizzas and doner kebabs to maize and acorns, and they're highly adaptable....Their ability to learn also shows how clever they are. "They have a well-organized social structure,... They know the routes used by hunters, and when they hear the sound of car doors slamming, they immediately retreat to the edges of the hunting area and hide in reeds until the danger has passed," said Reinwald. "They know, 'if we go there, we're safe.'"
It's not that they can read the signs. But they have a keen instinct and they learn from observation.
The invasion of cities is also causing concern....In Berlin, buses avoid some stops because they hang around there begging....In Texas, which has similar problems, officials plan to use poisons and chemicals against them. But Reinwald says hunting is the only effective way to reduce their numbers: "Poisons and contraceptives will only do more damage to the environment, and they don't work."... Machine guns would probably reduce the man-hours involved, but they are banned from German forests....

How times change....


Had to read half the blimmin article before I got to the relevant bit. The sausages are delicious. That's all you need to know, where is the problem here?

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