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Suggestion that Israeli Fans buy some No Surrender banners.

STUC calls on Celtic fans to fly flag for Palestine at Israeli match - Scotsman.com News

CELTIC fans are being asked to wave Palestinian flags by the Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) during a football match against Israeli team Hapoel Tel Aviv in protest at the invasion of Gaza last year.

And there was I thinking our Diddly-dee friends were all upset that foreign fans indulged in politics - this is the sight that the German Hamburg Fans put on for them...


I think the sentiment is one that the Israelis might understand.


FFS! Celtic (and their prod chums at Rangers can't even agree to disagree over the finer points of one religion. Now the fuckwits at the STUC want them to get embroiled in a religious conflict involving two completely different faiths.

Verily, socialists are twats, but socialists of the Porridge Wog persuasion are twats squared.

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