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A New CO2 History Site

The real Co2 levels in history


Please feel free to check data, methods, stations and historical literature. Comments are welcome.


Check out what skynews weathergirlys have to say on the matter. Very depressing really. News blackout? Moi?

Link below.


What is the use of this graph?

Why do all these plots stop at 1960?

Nobody is arguing about what happened before 1960 afaik...

(TE - I'm not judging whether the graph is correct or not but if it were then it would blow a huge hole in the "unprecedented" part of the Climate Change argument. Just as the Middle Ages Warm Period could do. And I imaging it truncates at 1960 as we have lots of modern measurements that aren't in question from then on.
A few years ago I did do some research in to another of his claims which looked very unlikely and found it to be probably true so I don't dismiss it lightly.)

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