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Friday Night is Music Night (Never Bettered Edition)

The Ikettes in this clip feature the lovely Rose Smith, Pat Arnold, or P.P. Arnold as she later became known, and also Ann Thomas.

If only you knew how I suffered to bring you the best - researching this I accidentally clicked on Celine's version, I have been pouring caustic soda on my eardrums and scrubbing them with six inch nails to try to eradicate the horror from my memory.


Thank you, thank you, thank you for Tina at her peak.
But.. shame on you for tricking me to click on the link to Celine. How should I describe it.. caustic soda is not sufficient.. maybe this covers it: "the horror", "the horror"..

Like your blog! Thanks for posting the video. I saw it for the first time, myself, summer of 2007. Rose Smith

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