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It's a Harry Read Me Hockeystick


It seems the public has an appetite for the details behind ClimateGate, and with many links to my note about the Harry Read Me file and the actual file itself. (Including from The New York Times) my poor little server doesn't know what has hit it. Interestingly thousands of people actually googled Harry Read Me yesterday and also ended up here. It is the Third Most Popular Google Search worldwide at the moment.
It just goes to show that we don't want to just accept the consensus, we want to know the facts, we don't want to be palmed off with a condescending "Don't worry your little heads, the scientists have spoken".


Looked like a temperature hockey stick for a moment there. Perhaps they can get the data to fit that.

Just so long as you didn't cut off a non-Climate Change related peak in visitor stats in December 08 or put the whole dataset through a graphing package supplied by one Dr Mann.

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