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Stern - Muddled and unscientific

Global warming measures will cost ‘twice as much as predicted’ - Times Online
Lord Stern said that Britain should pay about $3 billion (£1.8 billion) a year by 2015 to a global fund of $50 billion a year to help poor countries to adapt to climate change.
Lord Stern urged Britain and other rich countries not to use the present strain on public finances as an excuse for delaying meeting their responsibilities to developing nations. “If there have ever been credible reasons for borrowing and public debt, this is surely one of the strongest,” he said.

Our noble Lord seems to be muddled and unscientific as he decides his previous report was wrong; we should give twice as much or maybe more if he can find the other envelope with the calculations on ..

No wonder the Australians have rejected the Green Mulct and leading Tories are starting to back away slowly from the worst excesses of Green Policy



So even in the capital, the TV channels aren't interested.

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