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Command and Control of your Kettle

Smart meters planned to cut electricity bills for millions of homes - Telegraph

Yes, because they will enable the man at the other end of the wire not just to read your meter but also to control your usage. Miliband's hand will be on your power switch, turning it down when his windmills fail or if he thinks it is unfair that you can afford to have an electric blanket when millions are freezing.


They will charge us for installation and reap the benefits as they don't pay to have the meters read. Accurate and prompt billing will improve cash flow. It's win/win for the power companies.

This is corporatism.

Exorbitant cost + arbitrary rationing + no meter readers = wide ranging electricity theft.

It's not hard to hack the meter physically, all that keeps people from not stealing right now is the irrational fear of something they don't know and that may kill them if they are stupid about it, and the guy who keeps coming round to read the meter.

However, once people are freezing or going without as electricity no longer is an affordable service they can rely on, they'll soon learn that routing around the meter is trivial, especially if there is no longer a guy coming round to read it.

Other opportunities of course are the fact that the meter is in your home, and possession it 9/10th of a successful software hack.

So, it's not command and control of your kettle -- more like futile, money losing stupid idea of the power companies and total ignorance of human nature.

Time to sell their shares methinks.

Does this government really want to turn the population into a nation of rebels and scofflaws? If they don't they are definately going the wrong way about things.

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