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Poor Bloody Farmers

One in four farmers is living in poverty
Government statistics show that 25 per cent of farming households are below the official poverty line, defined in rural areas as having an income of less than £14,700 per year.
The numbers have risen by seven per cent since last year as the recession has taken a toll on the rural economy.

Yes, just whining farmers again, never seen a poor one...but it is true (as true as any Government statistic). I meet hundreds of farmers every month and some of them are living in absolute poverty.
But surely they get subsidies?
Quite, they are subsidised to the roof, they have advisers and regulators and compliance officers, they have schemes and targets and directives; they are a nationalised industry. Farmers sold their independent soul in return for suckling on the Government teat fifty years ago.
And what have they reaped? All the restrictions and regulations of working for the State without the salary to compensate.
So is the answer more State intervention, more subsidies, more feather bedding? It hasn't worked for the last fifty years so to the politician that must mean there hasn't been enough of it.


Maybe, just maybe, if you can't make a living at occupation X, you should consider the possibility that the market is saying you ought to give occupation Y a try instead?

Just asking.

Could be worse. In New Zealand we've got the rules, regs, compliance officers, Resource Management Act, ETS, etc etc etc.
Haven't had any subsidies since the mid 80s though.

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