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ClimateGate - It's not the emails, it's in the code

All sorts of politicians are popping up saying the emails don't prove anything. We've all sent ill judged emails. But the code is the code and it si being dug into. Please read this.

Cube Antics | The Proof Behind the CRU Climategate Debacle: Because Computers Do Lie When Humans Tell Them To


Eric Raymond (Open Source pioneer) was there a week or so ago:


It's worth keeping an eye on his posts, btw.

Ed Milliband was interviewed on The World At One, he said he is going to consult scientists because he thinks the word "trick" used in the leaked EMails could have some special scientific meaning! That must rank with Clinton's explanation of the meaning of "I have never had sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky" for clutching at straws.

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