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Tory Shows Sense Shocker

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The “Birmingham Declaration” setting out the Council’s plan of action to combat climate change was approved this week ahead of the Copenhagen Conference – but one bold backbencher described the science behind it as a “fiction” and claimed the cause had been hijacked by “authoritarians” .
In speech at Tuesday’s full Council meeting, prospective parliamentary candidate for Ladywood Colin Hughes revealed that he has a degree in Applied Mathematics and spent a further two years as a postgrad studying computer modelling of fluid, dynamic problems – all of which leads him to question to current consensus about rising temeparatures.
Scientists who argue the case for global warming, he said, have failed to take account of the fact that there have been no further increases in worldwide temperatures since 2000 despite a rapid growth in Co2 emissions - instead they act as if their existing models is still accurate.
In a strongly worded statement, Hughes said: “Climate change devotees still rely on these models, despite the fact that we know these models to be wrong, for end-of-the-world predictions to justify their proposed actions.
“What this means is that we should be very careful before spending huge amounts of the public’s money on schemes that may not be necessary.
“The research needs to go on because there is huge gaps in our knowledge and understanding but while the science is lacking there are authoritarians on all sides of this chamber who can’t help but to use this issue to boss people around and to tell others how to run their lives.
“They’ve jumped on this bandwagon and use it to excuse any and all government interference into private lives. We are elected by the people of Birmingham and we owe them better leadership than that.”
Hughes nevertheless welcomed the authority’s commitment to insulating homes and using electric vehicles.
“However”, he added, “climate change is not something that can used to support these measures.”
And he continued: “All the proposals depend on the science being settled, that is fiction.

The local LibDim disapprovingly called it "a libertarian rant" which belittles the strong leadership Birmingham has shown.

Just wait to hear what Dave has to say...


Since my comment over there will probably be rejected out of hand, I thought I would mirror it here:

"Just because Colin Hughes has a degree in Applied Mathematics and has spent a further two years as a postgrad studying computer modelling of fluid dynamic problems doesn’t give him the right to object.

The science may indeed be wrong, but that’s no longer the issue. The important thing is to enable strong leadership at all levels of Government. If a few windows have to be broken in the pursuit of this aim, so be it. We must gather together to greet the storm and crush these deniers. Tomorow will belong to us!"

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