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The Top Ten Climate Sceptic Blogs

Climate Sceptical or "Denier" blogs are being praised and blamed for all sorts this week - but which blogs are they? And which are the most influential?
These are the top ten blogs that I have found that have been regularly, and at length, posting "sceptical" (in the broadest sense) views in the last week. I have not included blog post aggregators. My choice is UK centric and I have probably missed some obvious, and not so obvious, ones. Please update me on them.

Climate Audit 1,233 (see also CAMirror)
Watts Up With That 568
Bishop Hill 238
Jeff Id 194
EU Referendum 133
Lucia 121
Devil's Kitchen 103
Warwick Hughes 91
Philip Stott 47
The GWPF 14

The ranking and number comes from the number of Google Reader Subscribers which may be taken as a measure of popularity, not as a total of the number of readers, and of course there may be a bias in counting this way. Don't take it too seriously and if you have a better method share it.

Full Disclosure: An Englishmans Castle 42


You should also have a look at JoNova

John Elliot

(TE - Thanks - Yes I forgot - 152 subscribers)

Thanks for those links!

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