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Put down that coffee cup for the sake of the planet

Coffee lovers urged: Give up filter and save the planet in an instant - Scotsman.com News

Dr Reay, a senior lecturer in carbon management at Edinburgh University, claims that the average cup of black filter coffee is responsible for 125 grams of carbon emissions. But the figure for a regular cup of black instant coffee is around 80g.
Add milk to your morning coffee, and the methane belched by dairy cows means you increase your coffee's climate-changing emissions by more than a third.
Dr Reay added: "The environmental group WWF has calculated it takes 200 litres of water to produce the coffee, milk, sugar and cup for just one regular takeout latte. If everyone ditched their pre-work coffee fix that would do wonders for the planet."

Nasty foreign muck, I don't touch it anyway. Empire grown, hand picked tea only for me.


"Empire grown, hand picked tea only for me."

Don't get too comfy with that cuppa.

I'm sure they'll be coming after that next.

You know, picking all those leaves reduces carbon absorption in the Indian Subcontinent or some such rot...

The "Thuggish Petro-State"
formerly known as the Dominion of Canada

I'd like to see his figures.

Make a cup of coffee from the basic starting material and you cause less emissions than if you take the same starting material, truck it off to a factory somewhere (the other side of the world, in all probability), run it through some complex physico-chemical process (steam, anyone? Big vacuum pumps? etc), re-package it, truck it all the way back again, and THEN make a cup of "coffee" with it. This is MORE efficient? Don't make me laugh.

No doubt it will turn out that he has "lost" the original figures, and only has his "homogenised" version of the data to show us.


WWF. Every time I see it, I do a double-take because I first think "World Wrestling Foundation" here in the US.

Which is not so far off, both start with a pre-determined outcome and rehearse to ensure it. The difference being that the wrestlers don't go to extremes to deny doing so.

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